The Door Closer Specialist 's provide Australian customers with a large range of quality door closing products from around the world, including Geze. Geze is a global company which uses innovative system solutions and intelligent technology to develop and manufacture construction systems for doors.  

The TS 1500 has a slim line standard arm door closer, and is sized 2 to 4 for regular or parallel installations. The TS 1500 G also features a slim line closer in size 2 to 4, with additional guide rail for a low profile architectural look. The TS 2000 V has a standard arm and a size adjustable closer by template, with the option of a fire rated back check. The TS 3000 is architecturally slim lined with power adjustable closer, guide rail and side pull.  

The TS 4000 has a heavy duty standard arm closer, power adjustable, size 2 to 6 with back check and optional delayed reaction. This particular product has universal applications with various fixing plates available. The TS 5000 is heavy duty with a power adjustable closer, adjustable back check function and a 2 valve closing speed which creates a reliable door control. A push side TS 5000L is also available with fixing plates which creates flexibility in installation.  

The TS 490 has a floor sprint closer with a fixed strength size of 3, up to 1000 millimetres wide door and 100 kilograms. It is suitable for single or double action doors. The TS 500 comes with a floor spring, single or double action doors, up to 1250 millimetres wide and 250 kilograms. The TS 550 has a heavy duty floor spring, power adjustable size between 2 and 5, and a hold open option built in. The TS 550 F-G has a floor spring system with pivot lever arm for single action doors. It is ideal for architecturally arched doors on hinges for a concealed closing system.