Say goodbye to slamming gates with the Direkt Gate Closer, available in Australia from Door Closer Specialist .

The Direkt Gate Closer is manufactured by Dictator Direct in the UK. It's operation is similar to a gas spring in that as the gate is opened the piston rod is compressed. Once the gate has been walked through and let go, the piston rod extends as the pressure of the nitrogen gas inside is released and the gate automatically closes behind the user.

Unlike typical spring hinges which slam the gate shut, the Direkt Gate Closer establishes a controlled gate closing action that not only stops the slamming sound but also reduces the danger of injury when installed in public access areas.

Suitable for a variey of gate designs, the Direkt Gate Closer has an adjustable closing speed and adjustable closing force and is easy to fit, provided the gate is designed in accordance with the installation requirements.

The supplied fixing brackets are sturdy and the compact design of the Direkt Gate Closer will compliment the appearance of the gate.