An efficient roof ventilation system improves energy efficiency in the home, protects the health of the residents and also extends the life of the house.

Considered the most important aspect of a roof, a good roof ventilation system comprises both the intake and exhaust to maintain effective air circulation in and out of the house, preventing moisture build-up that causes mould and mildew, and helping to increase comfort for the residents while also saving money on home heating and cooling.

Moisture build-up in the house impacts the freshness of air quality and also contributes to health risks. Excessive build-up of moisture in the ceiling of the home during winter can cause problems such as mould, rot and pest infestation. Roof spaces must be properly vented so that the air is able to escape outdoors as quickly as it blows into the roof.

In the absence of efficient roof space venting, excessive heat can build up in the attic spaces, increasing the indoor temperature while the musty air will build up in the roof spaces where mould and mildew have proliferated, and flow back into the living room area. Keeping the home comfortable and preventing any overload on the air-conditioner can be a real challenge in this situation, while drastically increasing home cooling costs during the summer.

An effective roof ventilation system is therefore, very important to cut down extra costs arising out of home cooling and mould prevention, while also reducing the amount of time and money one may need to spend on repairing the roof in the future.

There are several roof ventilation solutions suitable for installation in homes. Ducted exhaust fans, for instance extract heat and excess moisture from the home via the roof space through the eaves of the house or from a roof vent. 

The Eco-air cooling system from Doctor Damp is an energy-saving home cooling system that works independently or with the home air conditioning system to keep the family healthy and comfortable at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

Doctor Damp’s Eco-air home cooling system requires a few windows in the room to be opened up and the air conditioner switched off. Once the Eco-air system is turned on, the hot stale air in the room is replaced instantly with clean fresh air as the system’s powerful fan begins to pull stale air out of the room and fill the living area with cool, clean air.

More sustainable than air conditioning systems, the Eco-air cooling system uses less electrical power, thereby reducing its contribution to global warming with lower greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.