A series of tests conducted by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has verified the composite structural behaviour of the Dincel 275 wall system to AS3600-2018 (Appendix B).

The findings reveal that the Dincel 275 walling system with its unique ring webbing provides significant benefits against a range of structural actions.

Testing was completed with the following infill types:

  • Plain mass concrete
  • Macro synthetic fibre (BarChip) reinforced concrete 
  • Steel bar reinforced concrete

UTS testing - Dincel 275

Flexural Testing

  • Dincel 275 shell provides additional flexural capacity, opening up the possibility for fibre reinforced basement/retaining walls (such walls have already been designed within Australian projects).
  • Dincel 275 walls can be backfilled 24 hours after concrete infill (when suitably braced).

Stiffness Testing

  • Reinforced Dincel 275 offers fully ductile behaviour (μ=6), allowing for enhanced earthquake/wind design to AS3600 and NZS 3101.
  • Effective flexural rigidity (lateral stiffness) is not reduced compared to conventionally formed counterpart.

Dincel 275 wall system

Shear Testing

  • Interface shear capacity is comparable to a conventional concrete wall.
  • The confinement offered by Dincel 275 wall enhances shear capacity.

Download the full UTS Test Report