DIGILIN Australia announces the launch of DRUM, which stands for ‘Digilin Releases, Upgrades and Modifications’ and signifies the release of the company’s most recently developed products, technical upgrades and range additions from their R&D pipeline.

Representing hundreds of hours of creative design, electronic engineering and assembly planning, DRUM showcases the incredible work invested by the Digilin team to ensure their products meet the highest benchmarks of performance and reliability in the market.

Digilin is releasing four new products, along with more than a dozen technical upgrades in DRUM #1.

While DRUM is a new development, Digilin’s commitment to innovation and R&D began more than 40 years ago when they started operations in an electronics workshop in West End. Since then, the company has been combining the latest technology with innovative design and engineering to develop products that are on the cutting edge of technological capability.

Each new release is a physical manifestation of this commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

Digilin proudly presents these new innovations to you as it continues to make an impact on the Australian lighting landscape.

Moving forward, there will be a DRUM release every half year.

DRUM 1_Overview PDF_Q2 2021