Leading storage and materials handling specialist, Dexion Office , introduces the new Clearspan heavy duty cantilever specifically designed for storing extra heavy, long and cumbersome items.

Clearspan heavy duty cantilever is recommended for use by aluminium fabricators, steel and timber merchants, plumbing and hardware suppliers, furniture wholesalers and garden suppliers. Designed and tested in accordance with strict industry codes and standards, Dexion’s Clearspan heavy duty cantilever offers a unique and comprehensive storage solution for heavy duty items.

The absence of front uprights on the cantilever system allows easy access. Designed to accommodate items that cannot be palletised, Dexion’s state-of-the-art heavy duty cantilever enables fast and direct retrieval of stored products; it also boasts a hot dip galvanised option for outdoor applications.

Key features of Dexion’s Clearspan heavy duty cantilever include columns bolted to both sides of single or double entry bases, and directly anchored to the concrete floor via a heavy duty baseplate and heavy duty stud anchors; dual fixing arrangement providing maximum base fixity, minimising rotation and overall deflection of the column with greater resistance to fork truck impact; and rectangular hollow sections for the arms enhancing torsional stability of every arm resulting in a more robust product.

Unique features of the Clearspan heavy duty cantilever also include a pivoting arm design that allows the arm to shift upwards during impact, preventing damage; optional removable spigot acting as a retaining stop for storage of loose items such as a conduit or pipe; arm locking pins securing the arm onto the column; turnbuckle bracing for lateral stability allowing re-adjustment of the structure if required; and flexible loading using a side loader or conventional handling equipment.

Professional engineering services are provided to design unique loading regimes including specific seismic and wind load conditions.

Clearspan heavy duty cantilevers also come with a range of accessories, including deck support brackets to store awkward bulky items such as furniture or white goods; or tube support channels for long materials such as extrusions that bend or sag.