Every season is an opportunity for designers to introduce new trends and revisit classic styles. Colours can go from bright one year to muted the next year, textures can become popular, material choices may vary, monochromatic shades will rule the style charts, patterns can veer from geometric shapes to florals, and furniture preferences can go from oversized to minimalist.

Designer Plants has listed out 11 trends in home decor that you can take inspiration from to freshen up your interiors.

Home decorating trends in 2018

1. Dominating hues

After a few seasons of muted colours, bright is back with a bang. Lavender or lilac in all shades is the new colour of choice. Match soft tones with deep accents; rich colour palettes will bring warmth to your home in all seasons but be prudent about colour selection - choose colours that won’t overheat the space in the hot Australian summer. Use white to balance the colour overload and open up the space.

2. Colour in the kitchen

The clinical look of kitchens has been out of style for a long time but homeowners still tend to be conservative when it comes to using colours in their kitchens. Don’t use colour to dominate; use it to accent particular areas. For instance, splashbacks made of tiles with intricate designs will add a feature area that is functional as well as attractive.

3. Black & white

A black-and-white mix is an excellent colour choice for living areas as it adds an air of sophistication. Splash a little colour for added mystique to be part of the interior design trend.

4. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns such as triangles, squares and circles on cushions, lamps or even walls render a retro effect but are very effective in highlighting specific areas of your home. You could go a little subtle too, using these patterns as woven designs on wall hangings or tapestries. Circles are popular this year, by the way.

5. Faux is in

Artificial plants have become a permanent fixture in interior design thanks to their ability to introduce greenery into a decor plan without the accompanying care and maintenance requirements. A new innovation is the artificial green wall art disk that can look beautiful on a wall in the home or be used in table decor to wow your guests and create a conversation topic.

6. Warm up with metals

After stainless steel, silver and copper ruling design trends in recent years, brass makes a comeback in 2018. Brass is seen as a warm metal and recommended for both kitchens and bathrooms. You could use unusual brass pieces for your living areas too!

7. Sinks go natural

White or stainless steel sinks are passé. Choose sinks made from natural stone or granite to add an earthy touch to kitchens and bathrooms.

8. XL furniture

After years of minimalism when less was more than enough, 2018 brings back oversized trends in furniture. If you are planning to phase out your existing furniture, choose warm toned curvy couches that you can sink into for maximum comfort.

9. Blonde is no longer cool

Warm woods in furniture, featured pieces or even bedroom walls are trending – focus on deep toned woods that reflect the richness of timber within your home.

10. Down to earth

Woven baskets, elements that reflect where you live, or other features that help bring nature into your home – earthy textures add that extra warmth that you may need to overhaul a space.

11. Imperfection is perfection

Heard of Wabi Sabi? It’s the Japanese concept of imperfection, and it’s trending this year in interior design.

Get inspired

Embrace change this year, beginning with your living space. Get rid of clutter, add some creative storage, change colours and don’t forget the quirky additions for Wabi Sabi.