The Purruna Spencer Newton Centre, situated at Scotch College in Adelaide SA, is a state-of-the-art facility, featuring a 25m pool, indoor courts, gym, exercise rooms, and collaborative workspaces, among other amenities.

Decor Systems worked alongside Hames Sharley and Badge Construction to deliver products that met various requirements, including aesthetics, acoustics, sustainability, and compliance.

The Purruna Spencer Newton Centre was built with sustainable design principles in mind with Scotch College aiming to become the first Australian school to obtain LBC Certification, underscoring their commitment to sustainability.

To achieve this goal, the centre employs renewable energy sources such as solar panels and solar-powered heating and cooling systems. It also utilises water-saving features including rainwater collection and air-based cooling systems.

However, sustainability was not the only focus of the centre's design. A significant aspect of the design was to promote the students' wellbeing across all year groups through multifaceted rooms and environments.

DecorMetl, DecorSlat Ali and GECA and FSC certified acoustic panels, DecorSlat, DecorStyle, DecorZen and Cewood were essential to contributing to the design’s vision and sustainability goals.

Cewood and DecorSlat Ali were installed in the pool area due to their moisture resistance and superior acoustic performance. Both products achieve high fire ratings and their performance characteristics make them ideal for use in wet areas.

DecorStyle and DecorSlat were used in the foyer and reception areas. The panels blend harmoniously with other raw materials in the space, resulting in a serene and sophisticated look while offering acoustic performance.

DecorZen was installed in the gymnasium, lining the walls and providing incredible acoustic performance and durability.

Lastly, DecorMetl was used in the exercise rooms to provide a durable and contemporary acoustic solution, complementing the overall ambience and practicality of the space.

“Working with Decor Systems is always a pleasure. They go above and beyond to ensure the design intent is maintained and the acoustics, where required, are upheld. Their products are flexible and can be altered to suit almost any space! Decor Systems are constantly testing and expanding their range to suit the (always evolving) design and construction industry,” Liana Kantilaftas, senior interior designer at Hames Sharley, said.

Project details

Project: Purruna Spencer Newton Centre

Location: Carruth Rd, Torrens Park SA 5062

Architects: Hames Sharley

Builder: Badge Constructions


  • DecorMetl
  • DecorSlat Ali
  • DecorStyle
  • DecorSlat
  • DecorZen
  • Cewood


  • External
  • Internal

Photography: Trim Photography