Most Australians reside along the coast, which also means that their homes are exposed to the harsh marine environment, especially the salty sea spray. ‘Marine Grade’ is a term often used when it comes to specifying building materials to construct these homes. For instance, common powder-coated materials corrode easily when exposed to sea spray. If the product isn’t made for marine applications, salt will permeate the coating over time, causing it to powder and break down.

Specifically engineered to withstand marine environments, Marine Grade powder coating has passed the Acidic Salt Spray Test, described as an accelerated corrosion test that correlates with the expected life of the coating in coastal applications.

The powder-coated product is tested by cutting a cross into the powder coating, right down to the base metal. The test pieces are then placed in a cabinet where an aggressive mix of salt and acids is sprayed over them for a certain period of time.

DecoWood from Decorative Imaging was subjected to the Acidic Salt Spray Test to meet the strict international and Australian standards for corrosion resistance. DecoWood passed 2000 hours of the test, twice that of standard powder coating and any other woodgrain finish on aluminium available in Australia.

Marine grade powder coating is the only way to go, especially if you live within a kilometre of the coast.