If it’s aluminium, it must be noisy, right? Wrong, if it’s DecoDeck, an aluminium decking system from DECO.

Among the major concerns expressed by homeowners at home shows about DecoWood is a frequently asked question about DecoDeck: Is it noisy? Being an aluminium decking system, the concern is justified.

The main concern seems to be about the effect of heeled shoes on DecoDeck. To alleviate the noise concerns, Decorative Imaging personnel at home shows invite those wearing high heels to walk on the display deck to judge for themselves if they think it’s noisy.

While the noise of footsteps on DecoDeck is a bit different, the noise level is comparable to timber decking.

The other concern is about the sound of rain falling on the deck, based on people’s experience with the sound of rain on metal roofs.

DecoDeck’s aluminium surfaces are about 2mm thick, allowing them to absorb much of the sound of the rain. Material thickness has the greatest impact upon a material’s sound absorbing qualities.

Test it out yourself at any of Decorative Imaging’s DecoDeck display locations.