DECO has introduced an innovative solution that addresses the problem of wastage in decking projects.

In a typical decking installation, there is wastage of about 15-20% of materials on average, regardless of the product used. This can be due to deck sizes, board length, required spacing between boards and positioning of joins around joists among other factors.

For example, DecoDeck required a joist spaced at 600mm to join two pieces together, often resulting in 13% wastage on each length of decking or more on a larger project. Failure to fully utilise decking materials results in customers losing money on their projects.

DecoDeck’s solution to this wastage problem is an aluminium joiner specifically designed to join two pieces of DecoDeck anywhere along the span of a deck – even between joists. This allows installers to utilise up to 100% of DecoDeck materials by reducing the need for cuts that align with joist positioning. By getting this joiner solution along with their DecoDeck order, deck builders can maximise the use of their decking material, and make a saving of around 15-20% on the quantity required for the installation.

DecoDeck requires fewer joists than timber or composite products, thereby reducing the cost of the subfloor.