The innovative two-piece ‘Quick Click’ DecoBatten system from DECO Australia has been recognised with an Honourable Mention at the 2020 Architectural Product Awards. DecoBatten received this acknowledgement in the Building Envelope and Construction Materials category, highlighting DECO as a true global leader in building product design.

A subset of the globally-acclaimed Architecture Masterprize, the Architectural Product Awards recognise the greatest architectural product designers and manufacturers from across the globe for their functional, innovative, durable, quality and sustainable architectural products that are revolutionising the industry.

Featuring a clever snap-together fixing system, DecoBatten QuickClick is a beautiful, durable and easy-to-install batten system designed to replicate timber battens. The unique QuickClick system conceals fixings, and easily attaches battens to a building façade to save time and money, as cover pieces can simply be snapped into place. The system also comes with an optional SpaceBase accessory, which evenly spaces battens and provides a black or colour-matched background, eliminating the need for additional wall linings and finishes.

Made from strong, dimensionally stable aluminium with a marine grade, sublimated timber-look finish, DecoBatten is the ideal alternative to timber battens, eliminating issues such as rotting, warping and ongoing maintenance.

DECO research and development manager and product designer Richard Hamber said this award recognises the inventiveness of DECO’s designs.

“DECO is always willing to design creative, effective new solutions to architectural issues as they arise. The QuickClick DecoBatten system exemplifies DECO’s commitment to eliminating common problems such as combustibility, maintenance and installation issues, to make it easier for architects to achieve their dream design.”

DECO’s superior, fire-safe sheet aluminium cladding DecoPanel also received an Honourable Mention in the awards. Made from solid aluminium with a sublimated powdercoat finish, it is a non-combustible alternative to Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs), a popular urban cladding system preferred by architects. Available in timbergrain, rust-look and concrete-look finishes, a myriad of contemporary solid colours, as well as a wide range of sizes and perforation options, DecoPanel can be customised to suit any design aesthetic. Finished in marine grade, Class 2 powdercoating, DecoPanel is highly resistant to salt spray, UV rays and pollutants and can be used as either an interior wall lining or exterior façade panel.

DecoBatten and DecoPanel are trademarks of DECO Australia. Patent has been granted for DecoBatten QuickClick two-piece battens.