In Australia, hospital construction costs are rising. According to a recent report in The Australian Business Review, regulatory constraints, among other factors, contribute to soaring costs, making building new hospital spaces in Australia almost two times more expensive than in other developed countries such as France. With Australia’s population growing and ageing at rapid rates, the demand for hospital facilities will increase, requiring the design and construction industry to identify cost-effective, high performing design solutions that can withstand the demands of daily hospital life. 

Hospitals are fast-paced environments that work around the clock. Even the most basic elements of a hospital space, including splashback systems, need to be able to withstand daily, rigorous use.  These elements must also meet the strict design requirements for hospital spaces, especially in relation to durability, safety and hygiene. Well-designed hospital facilities result in better staff and patient outcomes, improved productivity, as well as reduced environmental impact. As government budgets tighten, design solutions that offer flexibility, superior durability, and reduced installation and maintenance costs will be in high demand.

Made by DECO, DecoSplash is an aluminium splashback system that can be used for a wide variety of applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, passageways, hallways, counters and as a wet area lining. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, DecoSplash is ideal for hospital applications as it is easy to clean and hygienic, with no grout lines in which dirt and bacteria can collect. Regular domestic surface spray and a damp cloth is all that is required to clean DecoSplash, ensuring maintenance over the product’s lifetime requires minimal time, cost and effort. Lightweight and easy to install, DecoSplash also diminishes the complexity of installation and can be installed directly onto most wall surfaces, reducing project times and labour costs. 

DecoSplash has a hard wearing, durable finish that will never rub or peel off. The decorative powder coating is extremely scratch resistant. Any damage to the splashback can be removed through a simple polishing process. Unaffected by extreme weather conditions, DecoSplash can be used for outdoor applications. DecoSplash is also safe for use in kitchens as the aluminium quickly and evenly disperses heat, ensuring it maintains a safe temperature.

Available in a range of sizes and decorative finishes, DecoSplash gives designers the creative freedom to achieve any aesthetic. DecoSplash is available in a variety of standard sizes and dimensions, from 600mm x 1800mm to 1500mm x 3600mm. Cutting services are also available to accommodate specific project requirements. Over 100 colours are available in gloss, satin, anti-graffiti and antimicrobial finishes. DECO’s signature high-quality photo imaging (sublimation) technology enables DecoSplash to be customised with a custom photo or design to achieve striking and unique installations. 

DecoSplash has been independently tested and is fully compliant with the relevant Australian regulations and standards for splashbacks. This includes the requirements for non-combustible materials in the National Construction Code and related gas and power point regulations. The DecoSplash power coating is compliant with the Class 2 Super Durable requirements of Qualicoat, the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. DecoSplash is also fully compliant with AS 3715-2002, the Australian Standard for powder coating.

Fully owned and operated in Australia, DECO has been the leading manufacturer of finished aluminium products since 2004. DECO offers high quality, durable finishes alongside an ever-expanding range of architectural products. With their innovative finishing technology, high standards of customer service and commitment to creating high quality, sustainable alternatives to traditional building products, DECO meets the evolving needs of the Australian building industry and the wider community.

For more information and to learn more about DecoSplash, visit the DECO website