Considerable thought, planning and creativity go into the design of a bathroom. So that beautiful bathrooms stay beautiful for a long time, it’s important to ensure correct selection of fittings that can stand up to steam, humidity, water and high traffic without losing their aesthetics, function or performance.

Even the most beautiful bathroom interior can deteriorate fast if not designed with longevity in mind. No other fitting is more exposed to these elements than the shower; therefore, it is important to insist upon using quality materials when it comes to products such as shower screens.

Low quality shower screens combined with poor design will quickly cause issues such as snapped hinge pins, mould build-up, discolouration and leakages among others. The use of cheap hardware or opting for zinc instead of brass fittings can lead to premature wear and tear and substandard performance.

As an industry leader in the design and distribution of high-quality aluminium shower screens, danmac prioritises quality across their operations. Unlike suppliers who take the easy way out by providing cheaper products in bathroom fitouts, Danmac has built its reputation on what runs much deeper: consideration for the end-user.

Danmac’s general manager, Leigh Todd says: “I would never sell something to someone that I wouldn’t put in my own house. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten, which is why Danmac products will look the same ten years down the track with minimal maintenance.”

The leading brand’s commitment to delivering the highest quality products shines through the selection of materials used in the production of Danmac fittings. While this seemingly subtle detail might be overlooked by the untrained eye, it makes all the difference in the long run.

Whether it’s the semi-frameless system’s high-quality aluminium, the forged brass that Danmac’s clamp system is manufactured with, or the high-quality stainless steel used in the assembly process, premium materials help create bathroom environments that can withstand the constant exposure to steam and water, compared to spaces created with low-cost fittings utilising plastic or honeycomb brass.

“For instance, Danmac shower screens don’t have a pocket under the door,” Todd explained. “Pockets create a water catchment under the door – a breeding place for mould, affect the longevity and increase the maintenance required for the shower screen. Having a clean sill eliminates any extra pocket fillers reducing water and mould build-up.”

Danmac’s frameless systems use locally manufactured hardware such as the New Zealand Opus hinges, which are rated the highest quality in the world. Local products also support the regional economy.

“They are manufactured from forged brass, with the piston, cam and springs crafted from high-end stainless steel, marine-grade finishes and high-quality glass gaskets, which other brands often swap for nylon,” Todd explained.

“Other brands go for cost over quality, so the price point is lower, but the quality, longevity and usage features are no match. Many use imported-off-the-shelf generic hardware, which doesn’t offer custom made options and high-end features,” he added.

Danmac’s local hardware choices present another crucial consideration for glaziers: the warranty.

“Install it properly and install it once,” says Todd. Danmac’s offering is a true expression of that belief.

Having previously worked with imported off-the-shelf generic hardware hinges that often required replacements just a year or two after installation, the company now only works with New Zealand products.

“From a glazier’s perspective, they can install Danmac products and know they won’t have issues with it down the line. When you buy an off-the-shelf product, you don’t have the reassurance that it will last and be serviced if there are any problems.”

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Danmac’s offering demonstrates that no fittings, fixtures and furnishings are made equal; also the difference between low and high-end products can make or break a bathroom space.

While competitors offer a standard warranty of 12 months, Danmac is proud to give their customers 20 years’ warranty on their high-quality hinges, proving that selecting the right fittings and materials can dramatically improve the performance, appearance and longevity of the bathroom space.