RTV Silicone is now available at Dalchem , who specialise in liquid silicone rubber products. There are two main categories; Addition Cure Silicone which has a high tear strength and uses a platinum based catalyst, and Condensation Cure Silicone which uses a tin based catalyst.

Products in the range includes:

  • SRT24
  • SRT30
  • Thixosil
  • Ecosil
  • DC3481
  • Wacker M4503
  • Wacker M4470

RTV Silicone is self releasing and commonly used when a flexible mould material is required. It can also withstand high temperatures, is economical, pourable and has excellent tear strength. The high performance silicone is ideal with undercuts and provides excellent detail reproduction.

Dalchem’s RTV Silicone can be used in a number of different industries including silicone bake ware, medical, model making, hobby, rapid prototyping, marine, art and automotive.