A STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid system from Cubis Systems was selected for the installation of an isolation pit during the construction of a new parallel runway at Brisbane Airport.

The isolation pit was required for a water valve that would supply water to the site compound for contractors. Key challenges included the need for a flexible, high quality product with very specific dimensions; installation around and over an already existing system; and a very restricted project timeframe of just one week.

Confident that it would provide a flexible and high quality solution as well as meet the tight project timeframe, CV Services approached Cubis Systems to utilise the STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid assembly. The stackable access pit sections of the STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid allowed for variability in pit size, in addition to the flexibility of being able to build over existing services.

The hybrid access pit system offered a wide variety of wall section lengths, enabling customisation of pit width, length and depth to suit the specific installation requirements of the project. Entries were quickly and safely formed on site with standard hand and power tools. With no individual section weighing more than 25kg, the STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid eliminated possible health and safety risks associated with heavy lifting and the use of heavy lifting machinery for the pit walls.

Though the project originally required a depth of 1050mm, this was subsequently modified to 1200mm when the installers decided to go deeper. The STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid was able to comfortably accommodate this change due to its construction flexibility. To assist in the installation, Cubis supplied oversized pultruded beams to be cut down on site and were also able to provide the additional rise of 150mm within a 24-hour period. A traditional custom precast concrete pit or in situ method would not have been able to accommodate this change as easily and quickly as the ULTIMA Hybrid system.

Following the successful installation of the STAKKAbox pit, it was braced and backfilled. The custom precast concrete encased roof was quickly installed, the bracing was removed and the surrounding area was dressed. The STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid system with a Class D load rating and internal dimensions of 2200L x 1500W x 1200D mm provided a customised, secure and high strength solution to successfully fulfil a tight project timeframe with very specific dimension requirements at Brisbane Airport Corporation’s parallel runway project.