The new refinery complex of Farabi Petrochemicals Company (FPC), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of normal paraffin and linear alkyl benzene, was inaugurated by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz in June 2006 during his landmark visit to Jubail Industrial City.

FPC selected Jubail Industrial City for the location of its new Paraffin and Derivatives Complex due to its strategic location, providing competitive advantages such as feedstock supplies, key utilities, new infrastructure and access to a world-class port terminal for bulk and container shipments for all its products.

Cubis Systems was approached to provide a network access and cable protection solution for the complex’s new fibre optic telecom and CCTV network. Given the 8,600 metres of MULTIduct cable protection units, as well as 127 STAKKAbox Fortress access pits and AX-S composite covers that were required, both time and ease of installation were important factors. Full installation was completed within 50 days, in comparison to traditional installation of concrete products, which require specialist machinery.

Cubis’ cable protection system, MULTIduct offered an innovative, lightweight, structural, multiple duct solution that provided a modern alternative to traditional cable ducting. The installation of MULTIduct at the FPC site required the full range of MULTIduct accessories such as bend mitres, Y lateral breakout units and socket end caps. MULTIduct units feature a square duct space that has 25% more capacity compared to traditional ducting, along with unique smooth internal walls for easier cable pulling and no sharp edges for cable damage. The system's design enables seamless integration with Cubis' range of access pit products such as STAKKAbox Fortress, allowing for enhanced cable management and network access.

The STAKKAbox Fortress pit system comprises of modular scalable components that are easily connectable. Each component is lightweight (under 25kg) making it suitable for a single-person lift under manual handling regulations. This, therefore, eliminated the need for heavy plant machinery on site, a requirement that was requested by FPC due to the scale and remoteness of the vast site. The STAKKAbox Fortress system was also supplied alongside a wide range of accessories and covers that assisted with further time savings, and allowed for simple installation, connection, backfilling and completion.