Becker Acroma’s new range of waterborne finishes, distributed in Australia by Croma Coatings , are providing the industry with low VOC (low emissions) and low odour coatings for furniture, joinery, kitchen doors, wardrobe doors, shop-fitting, baby furniture and wall panelling.

The Becker Acroma low VOC waterborne finishes range is a result of substantial R&D investment in Europe.

Becker Acroma’s focus has always been to supply coatings that are both preferable to the environment and customers’ health (from indoor air quality) and also deliver the smooth attractive feel and look of traditional coatings with good production efficiency.

Architects and designers can specify these products, where they have specific emissions requirements for commercial buildings and places such as child care centres to improve the indoor environment (air) quality.

Additionally the low VOC waterborne finishes are also suitable for people with allergy considerations. Most definitely, these products are also much safer for the spray-painter to use.

Clear waterborne finishes are available in a range of sheens from 5% natural to 80% gloss. The waterborne finishes are also available with UV prohibitors to protect the substrate from colour change/yellowing caused by UV light/sunlight. UV Prohibitors added will not increase the VOC content.

Pigmented (paint / colours) waterborne finishes are available in satin 30% and matt 10% and any level of tinting will not increase the VOC content.

White waterborne undercoats are available and recommended to be used under the topcoats.