Crimsafe is proudly Australian Made, and all Crimsafe products are manufactured right here by authorised suppliers in your local area. It’s a little-known fact that no two Crimsafe security screens are the same. We’ve been protecting Aussie homes and businesses for 25 years, and every single one of those customers has a unique, made-to-measure product.

Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know that it would take 29 years to visit a different Australian beach every day?

Despite being one of the world’s largest countries, 90% of us live within 50km of the coast! Tough weather conditions are part and parcel of living in our towns and cities, so we’ve made it our job to help protect your home in all sorts of weather events, from bushfires to cyclones. Crimsafe stainless steel security screens are made from mesh that is 26.5% thicker than competitor screens and can withstand an impact of up to 1200 Joules.

Here are a few more Little Known Aussie Facts and Little Known Crimsafe Facts:

Little-Known Aussie Facts

  • The average Australian drinks 83 litres of beer per year.
  • Aussies eat over 250 million pies every year.
  • The Great Barrier Reef has its own post box.
  • There are 2.5x as many sheep as people living in Australia.
  • The average Aussie swallows 3 spiders a year.
  • The venom from the elusive platypus can kill a small dog.

Little-Known Crimsafe Facts

You may be surprised to know that Crimsafe…

  • Is the only security screen on the market with Screw-Clamp technology.
  • Is available in French, sliding, bi-fold and stacking doors.
  • Has a wide range of colours and finishes and can even come in custom colours specific to your home.
  • Can protect your home in the event of a bushfire and cyclone.
  • Crimsafe Ultimate is much stronger than the competition.
  • Is manufactured by authorised suppliers in your local area.

From the front door to your windows, Crimsafe’s leading security screens can help you keep it cool at home.