Patio screens from Crimsafe Security Systems were installed at a new home in Queensland to provide a layer of separation between the indoor and outdoor environments.

Designed by Paul Robertson Architect, Advaita Way is located in Natural Bridge, Queensland and has been built to sustainable design principles to meet the client’s brief for a minimalist low maintenance home that would sit unimposingly within the landscape, have natural passive climate control in the internal spaces, and be isolated from the insects outside by means of protective screening.

To achieve this, the home was built in two layers: an inner glass skin creates a comfortable living space that maximises the magnificent views; and an outer skin of Crimsafe stainless steel mesh security screening to provide a layer of separation between the inside and the flora and fauna outdoors.

Crimsafe Licensee Endeavour Screens and G. James Glass & Aluminium were involved in the installation of the patio screening and glass.

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh offers outstanding passive climate control, inhibiting radiant heat transfer by up to 53 per cent, thereby keeping the interior spaces cooler during warmer weather and minimising heat loss during the colder months. Additionally, the special weave and aperture of the mesh (1.5mm x 1.5mm) inhibit entry of flies and mosquitos, and assist with the architectural design elements that control the prevailing breezes and promote cross ventilation in the interior.

The size of the exterior panels exceeded the normal size range of the Crimsafe screens and mesh. A mid-rail was added to create an unobtrusive section above the natural line of vision, not only increasing the strength but also preserving the expansive view.

Advaita Way received the House of the Year Award at the Australian Institute of Architects 2012 Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Regional Architecture Awards.