Suspended ceilings are a necessity for many locations, as they allow sufficient room and ready access to services above, while at the same time providing a ceiling with a clean look appropriate to a corporate, civic or retail environment below. Now such ceilings can offer something extra, thanks to some Dutch ingenuity.

Instead of suspending ordinary old ceiling tiles, the very same framework can now house something quite extraordinary, ceiling tile LED display. Exclusive to Ci in Australia, this product from Europe will make better use of hitherto underutilized display space. What used to be dull old sections of ceiling can now come alive with imagery or light.

Developed in the Netherlands by LEDGO a company who specialize in developing new uses for LED, these LED tiles can transform a standard section of suspended ceiling into something truly amazing. You can choose to deploy them sparingly to highlight the space below or use them across the entire ceiling to great effect. They are quite simply a very clever idea well executed.

LEDGO has a history of successful development across a number of innovative LED categories in Europe; Broadcast TV Spectaculars (Eurovision Song Contest), Retail (World Duty Free), Medical Rehabilitation (LED exercise floors) and in high profile special events (Victoria’s Secret catwalks). They certainly know how to successfully combine technology with context.

These tiles will doubtless draw a lot of interest from a variety of industry sectors. There are viable applications for them in the corporate world as well as for retailers, airports, universities and civic spaces.

The beauty of this product is that it can be easily implemented throughout an existing building. Not only is the install cost kept to a minimum – there is minimum disruption to an operating enterprise. The LEDGO ceiling tile is therefore incredibly easy to install as a retrofit to an existing premises. It is also highly efficient for any new fit-outs as suspended ceiling grids are relatively inexpensive items.

The purposes to which these tiles are put to use in Europe vary greatly. Sometimes they cover entire shop ceilings, allowing the retailer to create rich themes for their promotions. A summer sale takes on a whole new meaning with blues skies and bird life above your head. Other retailers choose to use them to localize interest above specific merchandise.

In the corporate world these tiles can be used above boardroom tables for decorative effect, for video conference lighting or both. Sometimes they are used as dashboard displays for business units or to create interesting visuals in reception or corporate hospitality areas. With very little effort they can make a building lobby look astonishing.

Airports and trains stations use them to provide timetable information. Universities and civic authorities use them to disseminate information. They can even be used for light therapy.

What these versatile tiles do is afford the opportunity to make corporate, civic and retail spaces far more exciting places with a minimum of fuss. Ci provides technical support for this product Australia wide. Enquiries are welcome for any quantity.

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