Corporate Initiatives (Ci) has been at the forefront in developing large format LED display technology in Australia. Included among their various accomplishments are the light transparent media façade at Emporium, the perimeter and parapet signage at both the MCG and Etihad, as well as Australia’s first interactive LED wall in Brisbane for QUT.

Now they are leading the way in yet another application of LED display, the provision of large format screens in foyers of corporate buildings and hotel lobbies. It is an application that has taken off dramatically with recent developments in LED technology.

New standards of product performance have meant the previous obstacles to the use of LED display for such purposes have now been overcome. Pixel arrays have become more densely populated to allow optimal viewing at closer distances. Screens are also now silent and produce less heat, no longer needing fans for cooling. The best of them are also safer to be around using DC power rather 240v behind the screen.

However the technology’s introduction to the corporate foyer also brings with it an even more exciting development, the delivery of digital art on a grand scale. It’s a new direction that Ci are keen to help cultivate. As Chris Gauci, Ci MD puts it, “We can supply the best LED display product for the location, with right refresh rate, viewing angle, best warranty and every other relevant parameter but at the end of the day what excites people is the content on the screen itself. The best foyers in world show the way.”

“Just as no one would design a building to house people without including a window, we think in the future no one will design a corporate building without a including digital window, one with a view to the breadth of visual content that the digital world offers.”

Ci is also enthusiastic about how LED display can help architects do interesting things on the outside of buildings. “Any architect keen to explore ways of being innovative with LED display should get in contact.”

The range of LED display products both indoor and outdoor Ci is able to place at your disposal is extensive and includes the latest offerings from Samsung, LG, Toshiba, NEC, VideroLED, and Sony as well as from various specialised manufacturers. This includes the ceiling tile LED panels from LEDgo that have attracted such interest. 

In addition to the innovative first wave of foyer LED display Ci is also about to deliver the two most exciting civic LED projects in Australia so watch this space.

In order that LED display technology can be better understood by designers, Ci has published a whitepaper on LED technology specifically for the design industry, as well as providing a booklet that outlines the variety of LED display products available. Enquiries are welcome for either.