Some of Australia’s biggest LED screens have been supplied and installed by Corporate Initiatives. From the Yagan Square Tower, the Emporium corner media facade and the two giant billboards at Melbourne Airport to the perimeter and parapet signage at the MCG and Marvel stadium, Corporate Initiatives (Ci) has been responsible for some of the biggest big screen LED projects executed in Australia.

Big LED screens are highly visible when in operation, necessitating reliable and prompt support and maintenance at all times. For instance, when live cricket is beamed on LED screens and watched by millions of viewers across the world, ensuring onsite support is part of the quality assurance package.

All display equipment can malfunction; to ensure such malfunctions don’t affect the outcomes, the LED screen supplier has to ensure service and support to an appropriate level. Purchasing any form of big screen LED without a service and support plan in place is simply asking for trouble. If the service aspect is not part of the package, find a vendor who will provide the back-up assurance.

So that your big screen doesn’t become a liability, find a trusted partner that can provide the right mix of product, expertise and ongoing service.