Available now from Copper Roof Shingles , Tegosolar photovoltaic roof tiles from Tegola Canadese produce high energy levels even in non favourable orientations and slopes, generating 10% - 20% more energy than traditional photovoltaic panels.

Made with amorphous silicon with triple junction, Tegosolar photovoltaic roof tiles work well with both direct and diffused light and are able to capture the three colours of the solar spectrum better than traditional photovoltaic panels.

Easy to use in new constructions as well as in renovations, Tegosolar photovoltaic roof tiles fit perfectly into a roof made of shingles and can also be integrated into any existing roofing.

Other key features of Tegosolar photovoltaic roof tiles include:

  • fast and simple installation using large size products
  • light weight with no extra load bearing parts
  • strong and durable
  • safe to walk on to keep the roof accessible
  • weatherproof
  • flexible
  • good performance at high operating temperatures
  • can resist freezing conditions
  • non reflective
  • self cleaning
  • low environmental impact