Construction Specialties (C/S) Group has secured exclusive distributorship for a leading car park and bridge expansion joint system, Metazeal.

MetaZeal is a pre-formed, resilient, flexible expansion joint material. It is ozone and UV stable, impermeable, pedestrian friendly, puncture resistant and waterproof.

MetaZeal can be fabricated to any size or configuration, making it ideal for projects where conditions may vary, e.g. when the expansion joint size is irregular.

MetaZeal will accommodate a greater amount of movement over a wider temperature range than typical sealants.

A unique process is used to manufacture MetaZeal, creating an inert, non-reactive material that is toxicologically harmless and therefore approved for use with potable water and and other environmentally sensitive applications.

Car Park expansion joints have always been a problem for building owners. C/S Group is now able to offer a high-performance system that gives owners, architects, engineers and contractors a way to overcome water leakage and maintenance issues, and at a lower cost of installation.

MetaZeal can accommodate skews, steps, curbs, joints around columns and other irregular conditions, and has a working range of 60% compression and 30% tension.

MetaZeal provides a minimum visual surface appearance, and requires minimal maintenance because it does not use mechanical fasteners that often come loose under traffic. This is an all important consideration in multi-storey parking decks, especially where noise minimisation is required.

Together with approved installers, C/S Group can assist your project and reduce your risk. Since its introduction globally and in Australia, many thousands of metres of Metazeal have been successfully installed.

MetaZeal features

  • Higher heat and UV resistance
  • No mechanical anchors
  • Monolithic directional changes
  • Handles 100% shear movement
  • Multi-directional movement
  • Can be custom fabricated
  • High chemical resistance
  • Environmentally friendly

MetaZeal applications

  • Stadiums, ramps and steps
  • Roof joints
  • Parking garages
  • Airports
  • Industrial facilities
  • Bridges
  • Water treatment plants