Transform your plain concrete floor into a stylish, attractive, durable and multipurpose surface with Galaxy Flake Floor from Concrete Colour Systems.

Now get all the benefits of an epoxy flake floor in your home with the CCS Galaxy Flake Floor system. Designed with flexibility and durability in mind, the flooring system consists of decorative acrylic flakes embedded between a tinted base coat and clear topcoat.

Personalise your floor to suit your design intent by choosing the density, type and colours of the flake – you can get the floor of your expectations from a standard flake floor to one with the aesthetics of natural stone.

Standard colours

The standard colour range is suitable for a variety of applications, featuring a selection of tones to suit the colour palette of every design plan.

Galaxy Flake Floor Standard Colours

Primary colours

For a truly bespoke decorative floor, add flakes from one of CCS’ primary colours to the standard colour range.

Galaxy Flake Floor Primary Colours

Granite stone colours

CCS Natural Granite is an on-trend and distinctive flake floor, delivering the appearance of a sophisticated polished granite stone floor. Create a granite-look floor designed to impress while getting all the benefits of a traditional epoxy flake floor. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a natural stone floor without the high price tag.

Galaxy Flake Floor Natural Granite

Benefits of epoxy flake floors

  • Durable: Superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Decorative: CCS’ range of on-trend and custom colours will enhance and complement the environment
  • Economical: Cost-effective when compared to pre-engineered flooring
  • Safe: Textured surface increases slip resistance
  • Seamless: Wall to wall seamless surface inhibits dirt, moisture or germs
  • Low sound: Seamless and flexible surface reduces the noise of foot traffic and carts
  • Renewable: Revive and rejuvenate the floor after years of use by sanding and resealing the surface
  • Easy maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain your flake floor

A Galaxy Flake Floor can be customised to meet specific design requirements for each project including environmental requirements, appearance, texture and gloss level.

Galaxy Flake Floors are ideal for garages, patios, multipurpose rooms, gyms, locker rooms, offices, warehouses, laboratories, retail shops, health facilities, educational facilities, showrooms, kitchens and laundries among many more applications.

For more inspiration with a Galaxy Flake Floor, explore CCS’ gallery page.

Having an epoxy flake floor in your home is a low maintenance, cost-effective and decorative option when renovating existing concrete. Get a tailored quote today for a Galaxy Flake Floor in your home.