Concrete Graffiti Guard from Concrete Colour Systems is part of a range of anti graffiti sealers formulated to provide long-lasting protection to various surfaces against graffiti.

Featuring a natural low sheen appearance, CCS Concrete Graffiti Guard is a two pack, non-yellowing, water based, low VOC polyurethane sealer that gently enhances the substrate colour and protects both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It’s an ideal coating for environments where application of solvent based products is restricted.

Suitable for use on interior as well as exterior surfaces, CCS Concrete Graffiti Guard can be used on in situ, polished and precast concrete as well as masonry surfaces.

CCS anti graffiti sealers are protective coatings, which can be applied on grey, coloured and decorative concrete, polished, in situ and pre-cast concrete as well as brick and masonry finishes.

CCS graffiti remover is formulated for easy removal of graffiti.