Hygienic Seal grab rails from Con-Serv Corporation Australia are designed for healthcare environments that set high standards for hygiene and patient safety.

Con-Serv’s Hygienic Seal grab rails lead the healthcare industry with an innovative cove designed Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) fitted flange seal that firms up to the rail, providing superior protection against grime and other harmful build-ups behind the flange cover that could otherwise create potential health issues.

What is a Hygienic Seal grab rail?

Hygienic Seal grab rails are assembled with a 50mm, 3-part machined brass screw-on flange cover with a 5-degree radius to comply with clause 17 of AS 1428.1-2009 for Design and Construction.

Hygienic Seal grab rails parts

Hygienic Seal grab rails feature:

  • 32mm x 1.2mm grade 304, 18/8 stainless steel grab rail
  • 50mm, 3-part machined brass screw-on flange cover
  • AS 1428.1-2009 for Design and Construction compliance
  • Quality brass fixings with stainless steel screws
  • Finishes including Satin Supreme, Polish Supreme, Diamond Shur-Grip, White and Gold.

Advantages of Hygienic Seal grab rails

Hygienic Seal grab rails are Con-Serv’s recommended flange option. The Hygienic Seal mounting system includes a TPE seal that – when installed correctly – prevents grime such as soap scum, body fluids, ointments, and other aqueous-based fluids accumulating behind the grab rail flange covers. 

In addition to the unique Hygienic Seal fastening system that prevents grime build-up, Hygienic Seal grab rails also feature a smaller, compact flange cover; solid brass wall mount and lock nut; solid brass screw-on flange cover; and a large range of sizes and selected finishes to bring multiple advantages to the installation.

Hygienic Seal mounting options

In addition to standard wall mount options, the Hygienic Seal system offers mounting solutions for single-sided and back-to-back fastening for partitions. Hygienic Seal is also available in Con-Serv’s Hideaway system for easy removal and replacement of temporary grab rail installations. 

Hygienic Seal grab rail range

The Hygienic Seal grab rail range includes the following options in a variety of lengths and custom-made sizes: straight grab rails, grab rails with towel rail, corner grab rails, toilet backrests, grab rails with toilet roll holder, ambulant and toilet assist rails, shower recess grab rails, and Hosfab healthcare showers.