Rail showers are increasingly finding application in healthcare environments for their ability to combine the mobility and support of grab rails with the versatility of a height-adjustable shower and removable hand-piece.

Do you know any grab rail configuration can be converted into a grab rail shower by adding a slider with a handset cradle?

Con-Serv Corporation Australia offers both retrofitted and factory-fitted sliders that can be installed on almost any Con-Serv grab rail to create the perfect shower configuration that fits the user’s bathroom layout and support needs.

Con-Serv sliders for grab rails

For mounting a hand shower on a grab rail, Con-Serv offers three options: the retrofitted glide slide cradle, and two factory-fitted cradles, the friction slide cradle and Push-PullMe positioning cradle with rod.

Glide Slide Cradles

Glide Slide Cradles

Con-Serv’s glide slide cradle (HC 024) is a reinforced ABS handset holder that can be retrofitted to any 32mm grab rail. Being spring-loaded, the cradle can be easily positioned and tightened up against the rail. A Clicklock rotating cradle-claw mechanism in the cradle allows for easy movement and positioning of the shower hand-piece as it sits in the cradle.

The adaptability, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the glide slide cradle make it one of Con-Serv’s most popular retrofitted grab rail options. The spring-loaded mechanism is also utilised in their Flexible Fit toilet paper holder and soap dish holder.

Designed for easy installation, the glide slide cradle is available in a variety of finishes including Black/Chrome, Grey/Chrome, White, Satin/Chrome, White/Gold and Antimicrobial (White).

Friction Slide Cradles

Friction Slide Cradles

The Con-Serv brass friction slide cradle (HC 932 C) is specifically designed for people with a weakened or arthritic grip. Keeping in mind the physical constraints of the user, this cradle doesn’t require anything to be undone or tightened to move up and down the grab rail. The user simply moves the cradle into position with the side of their hand (see figure 2).

The cradle pivoting C hook allows for easy positioning of the showerhead and can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs.

The reliable friction slide cradle is factory-fitted and pre-tensioned, and arrives complete with your grab rail shower.

Push-PullMe Cradles with Rod

Push-PullMe Cradles with Rod

The Push-PullMe cradle with rod (PM 932 C) was developed in conjunction with Access Consultants and designed to meet the requirements of Clause 15.5.6 (d) of Australian Standards AS1428.1 2009 Design for Access and Mobility.

Clause (d) requires “access and adjustment (of showerhead) from a seated position” to meet this standard.

In public facilities such as motels or sports clubs, issues often arise when a previous user leaves the showerhead in a position that is not accessible to a seated user. The Push-PullMe cradle with rod (PM 932 C) features an extended rod attached to the cradle, allowing equitable and dignified access to the showerhead.

The Push-PullMe cradle with rod utilises the same easy-to-use slide technology as Con-Serv’s brass friction slide cradles and is recommended for fully disabled shower cubicles to ensure easy access for all users.

The Push-PullMe cradle with rod is also factory-fitted, and comes standard with all of Con-Serv’s Independent Hosfab shower kits; alternatively, it can be factory-fitted to any shower kit in the Con-Serv range.

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