There is increasing adoption of antimicrobial products in healthcare facilities around the world to help reduce the risk of infection and create a safer environment for both patients and staff.

Con-Serv Corporation Australia continues their ongoing commitment to developing innovative healthcare solutions with the introduction of an Antimicrobial range to support this growing demand.

What is ‘antimicrobial’?

Antimicrobial can be defined as something that can resist, inhibit and prevent the growth of microbes including bacteria and mould.

Con-Serv’s Antimicrobial healthcare range consists of products that are manufactured with antimicrobial additives infused during the production process. These additives work effectively against bacterial growth by attacking the bacteria cell wall, interrupting cell metabolism, and preventing bacteria reproduction, helping extend the antibacterial product’s hygienic properties and minimising the risk of cross-contamination in a healthcare environment.

Con-Serv's Antimicrobial range

Well-known in the healthcare industry for their Hygienic Seal grab rails and Hosfab shower systems, Con-Serv has now introduced antimicrobial shower handpieces, shower hoses, handset cradles and laminars into their healthcare range.

Con-Serv has also created a Colour Coded Identification System designed to help healthcare professionals track the replacement of fixtures and fittings in high-risk areas.

Colour Coded Identification System

1. Antimicrobial shower handpiece

The Con-Serv antimicrobial shower handpiece is a lightweight ABS material, single function shower with an antimicrobial additive for high-risk contamination areas. Featuring a full pattern spray and 3 Star WELS rating, the handpiece contains additives that reduce surface build-up of biofilm and bacteria.

2. Antimicrobial shower hose

Designed for use with a handheld shower, Con-Serv’s smooth PVC shower hose with antimicrobial additives is available in lengths of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm. Suitable for healthcare facilities, the antimicrobial shower hoses meet the performance requirements of AS/NZS 3662 clause 5.4.

3. Antimicrobial Glide Slide handset cradle

Made from lightweight ABS material with antimicrobial additives, Con-Serv’s Glide Slide includes a Clicklock claw handset support, is height adjustable and fastens to a 32mm rail for easy installation.

4. Antimicrobial laminator

Laminar flow inserts produce a non-aerated, splash-free, crystal clear stream, minimising the risk of pathogens entering the water. Recommended for healthcare facilities, Con-Serv’s laminar flow inserts also contain additives that reduce surface build-up of biofilm and bacteria in high-risk areas. Con-Serv antimicrobial laminars are available in 5 Star (6L/min) and 3 Star (9L/min) WELS rating options.

Colour Coded Identification System

Con-Serv has simplified the maintenance cycle of shower handpieces and aerators with the Colour Coded Identification System, using colour options of Red, Blue, Yellow or Green for easy identification when scheduling replacements. The colour coded inserts are available for Con-Serv’s handpiece and aerator.

Colour Coded Identification System - Handpiece

Made from ABS with antimicrobial additive, this single function shower features 3 Star WELS rating and includes colour inserts to support a convenient maintenance cycle system.

Colour Coded Identification System - Aerator

Colour coded laminars are non-aerated and splash-free with a crystal-clear flow. Con-Serv’s colour-coded laminars are 5 Star rated (6L/min) and available in Red, Blue, Yellow or Green to eliminate the complexity of maintenance cycles.