Commercial Roofing  also deals with other services like asbestos encapsulation which is the the safest, convenient and is less expensive method to remove asbestos roofing. Asbestos encapsulation is a method of applying asbestos roof coating on the surface for a fine weatherproof finish. Insultec is used for resistance purpose to withstand pollution and extreme weather conditions. Repairs and removal of asbestos roofs can be undertaken by professionals only.

Commercial Roofing holds membership in Asbestos Removal Contractors Association and handles all the procedures relating to the safe disposal of asbestos for its customers. Insultec, a durable and highly adhesive membrane system is used to seal the underground layer to protect from pollution, climate, fungus and mould. Insultec is applied in a liquid form and reduces internal heat to a great extent. Insultec roof paint resists all kinds of cracking, peeling and flaking of roofs up to a period of 15 years.

In situations where asbestos encapsulation is not possible, asbestos needs to be removed, services for which is undertaken by Commercial Roofing. Asbestos removal also includes roof removal in commercial and industrial premises. The cost for such removal varies depending on the type of asbestos used, which could be either friable or non-friable. However asbestos encapsulation is considered to be much cheaper than asbestos removal.