Comfort Heat Australia discusses the many advantages of integrating in-slab heating into new builds across both residential and commercial segments.

Considered as an excellent alternative to traditional methods of heating, in-slab heating is a form of radiant heat that is increasingly becoming popular for delivering comfort, safety and energy efficiency in living spaces.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider in-slab heating in your next build:

Choice of electric heating and hydronic heating

There are two ways to integrate radiant in-slab heating, which works by heating the floor so it can transfer warmth into a room’s space. Hydronic heating is delivered through warm water in tubes running under the floor while electric heating is achieved by laying electrical wiring elements within or underneath the floor material or concrete.

Perfect for large spaces

Both hydronic in-slab heating and electric in-slab heating solutions are ideal for large areas. With a rather slow response time, this heating system takes between 10 and 24 hours to do its job; however, off-peak power can be used for in-slab heating, saving on energy costs.

Best for new builds

In-slab heating is a good choice for a new building because of the installation. Though it is possible to install it in an existing floor, there are a few very important factors that help in-slab heating to function at its best.

Insulation, for instance, is an important aspect of underfloor heating. If you install the heated slabs without insulation, the slab can change with the changing ground temperature. The radiant heat will not move up into the home as it’s meant to; rather it will move down into the soil or even up basement walls and along its perimeter.

The second important factor is that in-slab heating is most often installed into concrete slabs. Whether you choose electronic or hydronic, the heating elements will be embedded into the concrete, making it more effective in the long run.

Benefits of radiant heat

In-slab heating installed in the floor is one of the best ways to experience the benefits of radiant heat. Radiant heat functions by warming surfaces and evenly transferring a gentle and ambient heat into the room.

Compared to traditional heating systems, in-slab heating is far more efficient and doesn’t sacrifice any of the comforts. Users will vouch for the fact that radiant heat produces an even better thermal environment because there are no cold zones or forced air circulating allergens and bacteria throughout the rooms. Underfloor heating is also noiseless and won’t take up any space in the room.

For more information about choosing in-slab heating for your next build, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Comfort Heat in Sydney.