Comfort is an important aspect of a good learning environment. A comfortable thermal environment will not only make teaching and learning more effective but will also help to attract new students and teachers alike.

Planning and installation of a new heating system should be done in warmer weather, ideally during the summer holidays when everyone’s away. For those evaluating options for a good heating system, Comfort Heat Australia recommends electric floor heating.

Importance of thermal comfort in schools

Children have to spend long hours in classrooms, underlining the need to create and foster a comfortable and sustainable environment. This is necessary both for a child’s health and wellbeing as well as for their performance and productivity. Children who are too cold during their lessons are far less likely to pay attention and far more likely to misbehave, which can be disruptive in a learning environment.

Traditional heating systems such as radiators and heated ducts are bad for health as they can push around warm air, spreading germs, bacteria, pollen, and other airborne particles that could be dangerous for children with allergy conditions.

Why choose electric floor heating?

Electric floor heating is an underfloor heating solution perfect for large environments such as schools. Electric underfloor heating creates radiant heat that provides students and staff with gentle, ambient warmth. It’s also the safest form of heating a building can have because there is no risk of a child burning themselves on a hot radiator or sticking their fingers in heaters or vents. Floor heating doesn’t take up any space, leaving extra room for storage, desks or play areas.

Enhance sustainability

Heating and cooling systems are energy-intensive and extended use of these systems will increase energy consumption for school buildings. An electric floor heating system will balance staff and student comfort with a model that’s environmentally and financially sustainable. Requiring far less energy to heat a room to a comfortable temperature, an electric underfloor heating system warms up surfaces before warming the air. There are no cold zones while consistent comfort is assured in the room. An electric underfloor heating system can help reduce the school’s energy bills by up to a third.

One of the best electric floor heating options for a school is in-slab heating, an excellent solution for large areas where the slab is used for heat storage. While the heating process is slower, it is effective; off-peak power can also be utilised for in-slab heating.