The heating systems, available from Speedheat Floor Heating Australia , can be used for office heating and also heating other public buildings economically and efficiently.

By zoning Speedheat throughout the office, people allow for task heating because not all areas of the office are used at the same time.

Unoccupied zones can be turned off, and the quick response time of Speedheat ensures rooms heat up quickly when heating is required.

Typically, design parameters for office heating are between 60-80W/m² as compared with in-slab/screed heating, which requires 150-200W/m².

This 60% reduction in power requirements reduces electricity bills, as well as the total electrical demand for the office building.

The use of Speedheat also promotes a healthy work environment, as it is sympathetic to allergy sufferers and healthier than forced air systems as a result of reduced levels of allergens such as dust, pollen, and mould.

When looking at floor finishes suited for office heating systems with floor heating, Speedheat can be installed under carpets (fitted or tiles), vinyl, tiles, polished terrazzo, etc.

The ideal design does not affect floor levels making it suitable for renovations or retro-fitting under existing carpet floors.

Various office heating projects have been completed by Speedheat Floor Heating Australia throughout Canberra, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Projects include Alexander Library, Bendigo Law Courts, Plantagenet Shire Offices and Council rooms and offices located at Cromergrove Park.