Clipsal Integrated Systems  offers a range of security and access control systems such as alarm panels, video and audio systems, expansion modules and digilant security.

Clipsal Integrated Systems offers Clipsal Home Safe systems which ensure reliable security for homes and offices. Security panels are available with LCD keypads from Clipsal Integrated Systems.

Expansion modules are also offered. This expansion module is an option that connects into the alarm panel. Radio frequency devices such as, reed switches and motion detectors can be connected.

Variety of keyless access control products such as, card readers, transponders, key cards and antenna are available from Clipsal Integrated Systems. Keyless entry systems consist of antenna and a card reader. Card readers are mounted externally and two smart cards are available with the access control systems.

Smart cards are available in two ways either as FOB transponders or credit card size transponders.

CCD cameras, video phones and monitors for security applications suitable for commercial and residential areas are available from Clipsal Integrated Systems.

Digilant security cameras with in built PIR detectors captures still images of stores and residences and saves on a memory card. These cameras are easy to install and compact.

General equipment such as, motion detectors, peripheral equipment and sirens and strobes are offered by Clipsal Integrated Systems.