Clearmake  are providers of industrial water treatment and recycling solutions. Clearmake have launched an expanded service team covering the whole of South East Queensland.

The customers of Clearmake, who are located anywhere in South East Queensland, are benefited from having the treatment and recycling equipment and are regularly serviced by a qualified Clearmake technician.

Each month a Clearmake technician visits the site to carry out the recommended service checks for the treatment and to provide recycling system. Each service includes training updates for the onsite personnel and a free quick break analysis to ensure that the selected chemicals are effective and promotes optimal equipment performance. A Clearmake service package provides a proactive approach to equipment care, minimising unplanned system downtime, improving performance reliability and employee safety and maximising the life of the equipment for a greater return on the investment.

A Clearmake service package also provides peace of mind and safeguards the valuable investments made.