About 20 per cent of Australians live with a disability ranging from low vision to hearing loss and physical impairment. A recent report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals that 38 per cent of people with disability had difficulty accessing building or facilities. Prof Mohamed Jemni’s heartfelt quote “it’s not the disability that’s the problem, the accessibility is the problem” is a profound reminder of the rights and privileges that many Australians take for granted every day.

For over 39 years, this Australian-owned business has been dedicated to creating solutions that help build safe and accessible shared spaces across Australia. While ensuring dignity, independence and accessibility for all, the company has also been supporting the Australian economy through their commitment to local sourcing, local manufacturing and local talent.

100 per cent Australian-owned business

Established in 1981 with an overarching mission to make public spaces safe, attractive and accessible, Classic Architectural Products continues to be driven by the need to improve safety and access for all through locally manufactured innovative solutions – a passion shared by all of their employees Australia-wide.

Classic is proud to be officially acknowledged as a 100 per cent Australian-owned business.

“For over 39 years, we’ve been investing in local manufacturing and local jobs, with our team and services operating across the country. We are very grateful for the Morrison Government and their support for Australian manufacturing. Let’s continue to support Australia,” Classic director and national fulfilment manager, Garth McAlpin commented.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the paramount importance of supporting the local business ecosystem by keeping Australian profits and jobs within our shores. Now more than ever, the nation’s continued prosperity depends on ensuring the trade and use of Australian-owned products and services. Classic endorses Australian Made’s Campaign statement: ‘It’s never been more important to buy Australian than right now’.

Empowering building professionals with locally manufactured, customised public access solutions

With over 30 staff placed across Australia, and operations out of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, Classic has always believed in creating employment opportunities that capitalise on home-grown talent.

Working with building professionals from across the commercial, education, FMCG, retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors, Classic delivers customised end-to-end public access systems that meet the latest Australian standards. Classic’s culture of innovation can be experienced at projects such as Victoria’s Etihad Stadium, the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Gold Coast Convention Centre among many more.

From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing locally, Classic continues to be a stakeholder in Australia’s economic development story.

Classic’s industry-leading product range includes entrance mats, stair nosing, tactiles, covers and trims, car park safety, bike racks and skate deterrents, addressing a broad spectrum of objectives from creating safe workplaces to designing cities for pedestrian safety. Continuous innovation also delivers product versatility in terms of design, colour and application to complement any project.

Classic’s premium product range is complemented by their ongoing commitment to providing customers, regulators and partners with exceptional client service and world-class efficiencies. From research and design right through to installation and maintenance, Classic empowers building professionals with the confidence they need to succeed, build and progress.