The Chromagen SmartLine 200 litre gas-boosted solar hot water system is the clever solution for environmentally-friendly water heating in your home.

As a hybrid water heater, this system utilises both solar energy and gas energy boosting in a split configuration of ground-mounted tank and roof-mounted collectors. This convenient configuration allows location flexibility because the storage tank may be installed on the ground under eaves, whilst the slimline collectors can be fitted separately on the roof.

A pump and control unit are utilised to circulate water from the tank throughout the system, therefore allowing the thermal collectors to be situated away from the tank.

The key advantage of this open-loop split system is that it is developed with the needs of the builder and plumber in mind.

It consists of a cleverly integrated tank, 6 Star rated Eternity gas booster, and pre-fitted pump station which are all pre-assembled, granting faster and simpler installation than most other brands. All that needs to be done is make a few connections - plug and plumb, and the rest is done.

At the same time, the compact tank with top-mounted gas booster allows a narrow side profile and fits neatly beneath eaves, which is great for overcoming the space constraints common in today's smaller housing blocks.

Another benefit of the Chromagen SmartLine with its integrated gas booster is that it is securely fastened to the rear mounting spine, making it more theft-resistant. 

The Chromagen SmartLine system is one of the most energy efficient systems in its category, outperforming most of its well-known rivals in efficiency, higher Government STCs, and therefore lower running costs.