Checkpoint Group has launched a new bushfire protection fire retardant formulated to keep your home, business, property and assets protected from the threat of bushfire.

PHOS-CHEK Wildfire Home Defense fire retardant incorporates the same formula used by various global fire services including the USDA Forest Service and the Australian RFS, CFA, CFS etc., during aerial firefighting to control the spread of bushfires. Now available to the general public without the ubiquitous red dye, this fire retardant is supplied in a clear drying formula, perfect for your property’s protection.

How does bushfire protection fire retardant work?

Fire retardants work by coating the fuel (organic materials such as grass, vegetation and wood) and changing the way the organic material decomposes in a fire, which slows the rate of combustion. As the rate of flame spread is reduced, this dramatically decreases the momentum and heat of the fire and greatly assists firefighters control the fire. The PHOS-CHEK retardant consists of fertiliser type salts, which when heated by the approaching fire, reacts with the organic material making it unburnable, greatly reducing the spread of the fire.

Minimise bushfire risk to your property

In Australia, we are no strangers to bushfires – each summer we face the risk of large out of control bushfires. Remember last year – our Christmas break was full of smoke and so many Australians lost their homes, property and assets to the fiery furnace. When protecting your assets, sometimes water from the hose or tank is simply not enough, resulting in homes, land and lives being claimed by fire.

With the launch of PHOS-CHEK Wildfire Home Defense fire retardant, this year can be different. Let’s make it safer for Australians with PHOS-CHEK Wildfire Home Defense in a perfect household size; an added benefit is its environment-friendly formula that makes it safe for you and your pets, animals or livestock.

Advantages of PHOS-CHEK Wildfire Home Defense Fire Retardant:

  • All you need for application is a garden sprayer (available in your garden shed).
  • It doesn’t have to be applied as the fire closes in; it can be applied months in advance or at the start of the fire season – this is highly recommended by the manufacturer (dependant on rainfall) – you can apply the solution as a preventative measure on dead or dry grass, plants, wood and any other plant material around your house.
  • The active fire retardant in PHOS-CHEK alters materials’ combustibility when exposed to fire, causing a chemical reaction with the fire boiling the water off the surface/material instead of burning it, cooling the fire down.
  • The solution (when applied correctly) will remain on materials (again dependant on rainfall) until washed or rubbed off.
  • 2.8L of PHOS-CHEK Fire Retardant concentrate will make up to 20L of mixed retardant.