Regardless of your industry or business, your workplace is constantly at risk of theft and criminal activity. This is particularly true for construction sites in Australia where construction machinery worth hundreds of millions of dollars is stolen every year.

However, when you have appropriate security and communications equipment in place, all site activity can be monitored and captured on video so that you can quickly raise an alert with your staff members and the authorities. CCTV cameras are a useful deterrent mechanism while also allowing you to remotely oversee daily activities onsite.

In this blog post, Checkpoint Group shares some of the top reasons for investing in quality security and communications equipment for the workplace.

Reasons for installing site CCTV systems

Construction sites are busy places full of activity, and high value equipment often remains onsite even after business hours. Installing a security monitoring system can reduce your risk of being targeted by thieves, helping to keep your assets safe and minimising the risk of damage to your building site. 

Some of the most commonly targeted items include power tools, machinery and copper wires. It is important that CCTV cameras are installed strategically around your site to get a wide field of view and adequately cover areas in which valuable equipment is stored. 

According to the Construction and Mining Equipment Industry group, organised crime gangs are behind much of the construction site thefts that occur within Australia. The vast majority of this equipment is resold within Australia, whilst some are shipped overseas. In the event of a theft on your worksite, you will have clear video footage, which can assist with tracking down the perpetrators and increase your chances of recovering your stolen equipment. 

How CCTV cameras benefit your business

  • When placed strategically around your site, cameras serve as a visual deterrent for illegal activity
  • With HD recording, all site activity is monitored in crystal clear clarity
  • Any incidents of theft/trespass can be reviewed both live and after the event
  • You can maintain a professional business image and remain accountable for all incidents onsite
  • 24-hour remote monitoring

How handheld UHF can improve communications

In addition to CCTV cameras, it is also a good idea to provide your staff with UHF radios. These remote devices have a long battery life and are designed to be durable, waterproof and lightweight. Equipping your staff with UHF radios means they will be able to remain in constant communication and immediately raise an alert if they notice any suspicious activity onsite. These radios are also useful from a safety perspective, as unlike mobile phones they operate on high frequencies to give you confidence that your staff will remain in range and be able to communicate in the event of an emergency. 

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