Channel Enterprises  is a wholesaler of home and garden products. These products help in adding visual and aesthetic appeal to their surroundings. Outdoor furniture from Channel Enterprises is built of wrought iron, sandstone and aluminium.

Cast and wrought iron furniture for outdoor purposes from Channel Enterprises are chairs, stools, benches and tables. The most popular of these products includes the Windsor bench, Karli chair, Oxford bar stool, Donna table and gazebo. This range has been carefully built and treated to prevent rust.

Aluminium furniture from Channel Enterprises is durable and lightweight. All the pieces in the range are weather proof and rust proof. Chairs, tables and benches from this range have a contemporary and modern look. Products of this range are built in combination with other materials such as wicker and glass. The popular aluminium products from Channel Enterprises are the Camden, Santiago, Gobi and Savannah.

Marble and mosaic tables from Channel Enterprises are matched with aluminium chairs to give the garden an aesthetic appeal. These mosaic table tops are handcrafted and weather proof. The popular products from Channel Enterprises in this range are the Stone Aurora table, Iris slate table, Topaz slate mosaic table and the Sunray slate mosaic table.