Ceramic Solutions (Aust) has launched a new range of large format tiles from Agrob Buchtal. Featuring stunning earthy patterns obtained during the manufacturing process, the new tile series comprising of Concrete, Emotion, Geo 2.0 and Valley offers architects and interior designers versatile stone textures in large formats measuring up to 450x900mm. 

New developments at Agrob Buchtal also include the Trias and Twin series with sizes ranging up to 750x1500mm, providing plenty of scope for custom designs. The anti-slip properties of the Trias series make these tiles suitable for wet area applications such as showers and pool surrounds (R10/A and R11/B). 

Large format tiles are very popular among designers, especially in situations where the same type of tile is used for the floor as well as the surrounding walls and/or ceilings. Inspired by the European minimalist style, this ‘monolithic envelope’ trend is becoming increasingly popular among designers. 

Large format tiles can additionally make average-sized rooms appear larger and bring proportionality to large commercial spaces. The use of large format tiles results in less grout lines overall while narrow grout joints can create installation challenges.

Ceramic Solutions can be consulted for advice on joint size selections, including the pros and cons of different approaches.