Cemintel® Territory fibre cement cladding panels helped a new townhouse development in Geelong embrace the beauty of curves. With curved forms making a comeback as an alternative to conventional linear construction, the unparalleled flexibility of building materials such as fibre cement is helping architects and developers achieve their design goals.  

The new Metropol Residence development is a stunning example of the effect curves can have on a building’s presence and streetscape. Constructed by award-wining specialised multi-unit builder, Trevor Homes, this high-end four-storey townhouse development is located southwest of Melbourne in the city of Geelong.

While timber was originally specified for the facade, the material’s combustibility raised safety concerns, resulting in the selection of Cemintel’s Territory range, which is classified AS 5113 EW (External Walls) for fire compliance – the only fibre cement product to achieve this rating. 

The Cemintel Territory range in Woodlands Teak and Whitewash specified for the Geelong townhouse project, perfectly emulated the look of traditional wood systems, while delivering superior fire compliance and other performance benefits. 

With curved lines, contrasting colours and wooden textures, the Metropol Residence features over 2,500sqm of Cemintel Territory prefinished cladding system in Woodlands Teak and Whitewash finishes.

Key benefits of the Cemintel Territory range include outstanding fire performance with an AS 5113 EW rating and Codemark certification; variety of colours and simulated textures; minimal ongoing maintenance; ventilated cavity to keep the building dry; NichiGuard stain resistant and self-cleaning coating; weather and UV resistance; and simple clip fixing system enabling easy installation.

The wooden textures and contrasting palette on the curved facade create a striking design feature. The curves soften the building’s impact, help the structure meld into the surrounding landscape, and reflect a sense of fluidity and playfulness in the structure.

This faceted curve was achieved with Cemintel Territory panels, using an ‘obtuse angle corner’ construction method. Minimum panel widths of 200mm were installed vertically, with all starter strips and flashing details cut to match the panel width. The panels were face-fixed to the timber frame, creating the accurate sweeping curve.

The end result is a unique multi-townhouse development with a captivating external facade splashed with contemporary designer aesthetic.