Celmec recently provided Arintji restaurant, situated in Melbourne’s prominent Federation Square precinct, with custom made, heated umbrellas.

The restaurant experiences extreme weather conditions throughout the year. In the cooler months it faces cold breezes, while during summer it is extremely hot due to the mass of stonework within the building’s structure.

In order to solve this issue, Arintji opted for four CSW40 heated umbrellas with IRH-E heating panels for warmth.

The heated umbrellas also feature Celight lighting for use at night time, along with Celmist cooling to counteract the summer heat, and weather protection accessories.

Celmec provided custom made, heated umbrellas as per architect requirements.

Subsequently, the heated umbrellas each have two tone fabric membranes. The topside is black in order to reflect the colour scheme of surrounding buildings.

The heated umbrellas have a silver topside in order to create a more spacious, open feel.