The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, CEDIA, represented by CEDIA Australia , have invited Dr Floyd Toole to present Home Theatre Audio and Acoustics course in Sydney during the CEDIA Expo Darling Harbour.

CEDIA members and the custom installation industry will have an opportunity to gain useful insights and tips that will guide them through home theatre installations. The Home Theatre Audio and Acoustics will theoretically start at the fundamentals, proceed through to an advanced level and end up at an experienced level of theory.

According to Steven Hill, CEDIA Education Chair, Dr. Floyd Toole makes complex issues and theory sound easy to understand. He also provides a lot of clarity in particular to the many different theories surrounding room design, speaker placement and acoustics.

Dr. Toole’s research has focused on small-room acoustics and evaluating the relationship between technical measurements of audio equipment and listeners’ perceptions. His findings have been applied to loudspeaker design and manufacturing and have influenced his work as a CEDIA Education subject matter expert and course developer.

Dr. Toole’s work has been published in the journals of the Audio Engineering Society and the Acoustical Society of America, audio engineering books and consumer publications, and he recently completed a book titled ‘Sound Reproduction’. He is a Fellow and past President of the Audio Engineering Society and a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and was named one of CEDIA University’s Top Ten Instructors in 2007. Now retired, he is an acoustical consultant and continues to contribute to CEDIA Education course development and instruction.