Wood panelling is a preferred design choice in any interior project for adding sophisticated elegance to the space. If wood panelling is the ultimate way to add style and flair to the project, doing it in Western Red Cedar is the best way to go about it because it brings unparalleled style and class as well as genuine authenticity with its warm tones and stunning natural grain variations.

While Western Red Cedar is well known for its stunning aesthetic value, this timber offers excellent advantages in terms of its ability to address practical challenges. Panelling in ordinary timber is often susceptible to the negative effects of humidity and temperature changes, resulting in swelling and warping. However, Western Red Cedar with its consistent density and outstanding dimensional stability is far more resistant to warping. Dimensional stability ensures the timber’s elegant appearance sustains over the long term as it continues to lend an air of quality and distinction to any space.

The stunning variations in Western Red Cedar’s natural tones offer colour versatility. Additionally, painting or staining the timber can help designers achieve visually appealing outcomes. For instance, Castelation Two Tone wood panelling from Cedar Sales offers a choice of sago or dark mocha backgrounds with satin finished highlights, which will lend cool ambiance to walls and ceilings.

Cedar Sales, a leading Australian supplier of Western Red Cedar, is known for a great variety of innovative wood panelling products as well as their green and sustainable practices. By specialising in Western Red Cedar, Cedar Sales offers products made from a material that represents the ultimate levels of sustainability not only through the production of fewer greenhouse gases but also by coming from a highly renewable resource.