CASF Australia introduces the new Corian® colour – Valente Grigio. The latest addition to the Corian® organic colour collection, Valente Grigio features a dazzling white colour with fine grey veining, reminiscent of Calacatta marble.

This versatile colour holds all the high performance properties of Corian® solid surfaces you have come to expect with limitless application possibilities, especially in commercial design.

Colour compatibility  

The new Corian® Valente Grigio colour will work with almost any colour combination and can be used with a wide range of finishes.

Elevating commercial spaces

Corian® Valente Grigio will take your commercial design project to the next level. Highly recommended for busy environments, Corian® is easily maintained and stains are never permanent. Sweeping curves and seamless joins make designing with Corian® a breeze.

Luxe factor

Impress your client with a Corian® Valente Grigio master suite featuring seamlessly joined wall panels and matching integrated vanity seemingly floating from the wall. Easy to maintain, this luxe suite will never suffer from the perils of mould or soap scum. 

For aesthetic and practical design

Sinks made of Corian® using seamed undermounting techniques eliminate rims that trap dirt and water, minimising cleaning and maintenance. The ease of installation of single or double sinks or a series of units makes it possible to design spaces that respond to the criteria of practicality and multiple-use without compromising aesthetic values.