Owners of Case backhoes are impressed by the performance, strength and reliability of their machines.  

Case backhoes are available from CASE Construction Equipment .  

From his first Case loader backhoe bought 30 years ago to his brand new Case 580 Super R Series 3 loader backhoe, Victorian earthmoving contractor, Darren Rice says he chooses Case equipment for its reliability.  

He adds that the 30-year-old Case 580B backhoe is still in operation, working hard as ever. The decision to buy a new Case 580 Super R Series 3 backhoe about a year ago was easy and they didn’t even consider other brands.  

Darren’s fleet consists of the Case 580 Super R Series 3 backhoe, the 30-year-old Case 580B backhoe and a 9-year-old Case 580 SL backhoe doing a variety of jobs including drainage, earthworks and roadworks in Darren’s company, Leech Earthmoving.  

For the past 18 months, the team has worked on the $300 million Don KR/George Westons smallgoods factory in Castlemaine.  

Darren says that the Case 580 SL backhoe has been used for the past 18 months on tough tasks and has not required anything more than regular maintenance. He adds that they don’t have to worry about breakdowns and loss of productivity.  

According to Darren, the Case 580 Super R Series 3 backhoe hasn’t faulted since they bought it.  

Case’s 580 Super R Series 3 loader backhoes are built to combine stability in all terrains, making them highly versatile in operation.  

Key features include:

  • Choice of mechanical PowerShuttle or PowerShift transmission
  • Powerful 4.5-litre Tier 3 turbo engine rated at 72 kW (95 hp)
  • Hydraulics designed for ease of serviceability with three pressure control checks grouped together for immediate diagnosis in any situation
  • Tilting hood provides easy engine access from ground level for daily maintenance
  • Sight gauges allow quick daily checks of hydraulic oil and coolant levels
  • Assured operator comfort with electronic foot and hand throttle as well as one-touch idle control
  • Excellent all-round visibility in the cab with floor-to-roof glass
  • Ergonomically placed controls
  • Low noise levels for comfortable operation