BIODIESELS, produced from renewable energy sources such as oilseeds are a major environmental achievement since they produce lower carbon dioxide emissions and significantly less particulate and smoke emissions. Case Construction has been working with the European market to develop and approve a range of biodiesel fuels using rape seed methyl ester. These fuels are approved for use in Case engines up to the 5 per cent B5 blend ratio, which is the currently accepted US standard. Demand has quickly grown in North America, where biodiesels are used in many US fleets including on-highway trucks and construction equipment. With blends of 20, 30 and even 100 per cent common in Europe, Case is currently evaluating blends greater than B5.

Biodiesel fuels contain no sulphur or aromatics and are good lubricants. However, some problems with the elastomers used in O-rings, seals and gaskets have been experienced. Biodiesels do not have long-term stability, which means they should not be left in engines that are stored for more than four months. Prior to storage, engines should be flushed by running for at least 30 minutes with a regular diesel fuel. Biodiesels also contain higher water content, so it may be necessary to drain the fuel filter water trap more frequently.

Source: Construction Contractor