Are you looking for inspirational designs to style your family bathroom? How about a bathroom that’s as functional as it’s fun? Inspired by children, the design allows them to splash and play to their hearts’ content with the practical wet room layout. The striking feature wall is the hero in this room, introducing an accent colour whilst injecting a fun vibe into the space.

What’s a ‘Functionally Fun’ bathroom?

A space that’s designed to be a fun escape to wash away the worries of the day, a functionally fun bathroom is unapologetically bold and packed with personality. The teal coloured tiles will leave you feeling refreshed to start the day and relaxed while you soak in a late-night bath, after the kids are in bed.

How to create some Functional Fun in your bathroom

Here are the key elements you'll need to recreate this magic in your own home:

Divide the room

The reason this design works so well for families with kids is because it’s split into wet and dry zones. The key is to position your bath and shower together so that the shower screen becomes the divider between wet and dry areas. The vanity and towel rail are safely tucked away in the dry area.

Colour me happy

The bright pops of colour are the essential details that make the room feel fresh and fun. We chose teal tiles for this feature wall, but the choice is yours. Choose tiles that make you feel fresh and inspired.

Then add some fun textiles to complement or contrast with your feature wall colour, such as the coloured towels we added in this bathroom.

Choose your bathroomware

Our Caroma bathroom design experts recommend the Caroma Liano and Liano Nexus ranges to complement your Functionally Fun bathroom.

The Liano range is known for its architectural, minimalist style and timeless elegance. It features toilets, basins, baths, taps, showers and accessories. It’s the perfect range for the demands of a busy and active family.

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